Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2.2 - Here we go again...

Okay guys it has been forever... I know. I was trying to test for glitches with another family when university came out, then not long after playing that I went on a Sims break. I cycle on and off playing Sims because once I get into it, that is all I do and I burn myself out so I have a to take a break. This is from play before my break and I am working on getting back into playing and I'm just going to hope nothing glitches or messes up too bad with University. 
So let's get back into it, here is where we left off...

Jules and Vanessa are both adults now and Jamie had just grown into a child.

Apparently the neighbors have gone composting crazy. No wonder its always smells outside.

 Its Jamie first day of school and he wants to start it off right by making himself a breakfast muffin. It's Jamie's first day as a kid and he's already eager to learn new things. 

Don't want to miss the bus, better hurry!

Made it! Off to school.

Look who else is a witch! Jamie decides to take his broom home from school rather than ride the bus.

Once he gets home he takes an after school nap and then starts on some very frustrating homework.

What happened to the umbrella? 

There is always time for playtime. Jamie loves dressing up and pretending.

This little dino started thinking about how all his ancestors went extinct and went to check to be sure the same wasn't going to happen to him.

Some quality family time.

And a quick cooking story before bed.

Jamie is always learning!

But there is always time for a break and a family trip to the Fall Festival!

Vanessa really likes skating, and she is quite good at it too.

Jamie decides to practice some stunts in the broom arena.

Will Jules ever win a hot dog eating contest? I don't think so...

The King of the Castle!

What's wrong Vanessa? You seem to have gone cross eyed...

Oh apparently that was just the pregnancy kicking in! Now Jules and Vanessa have another little one on the way.

Bonehilda! With the new baby on the way you have arrived just in time, we will need your help around the house.

This is Jessica, she is Jamie's friend from school, they enjoy playing together even though she does have cooties.

Vanessa informs Jules that she is pregnant as soon as she gets home, he couldn't be happier! Jules is hoping for girl this time.

Oh no! Someone tried to repair the broken computer and it exploded! But who was it? All the family seems to be okay.

Who is this? .... Oh, it's Bonehilda!! Anyone else would have definitely died. I didn't even know she would repair computers. Also, apparently Bonehilda is a red-head!

Jules is hoping for a girl this time so Vanessa chows down on the tiniest watermelons ever.

Aww! Jamie is getting to know the baby and getting used to the idea of not being the only child.

A hug for mom!

More family time. Vanessa wants to keep her figure during this pregnancy.

Jamie and Jessica have become good friends and spend a lot of time together.

Looks like Jules is very excited about the new baby.

Eeeerrrrrhhhhh! The baby is coming!! Jules seems uninterested at the moment.

(Oh Vanessa you make the silliest faces!)

It's a girl!!!

Meet Adaline!

It is Jamie's birthday! What to wish for?

That's not quite right...

Much better!

Jamie's teen room.

Makeover! I'm not really proud of just how hipster Jamie looks but, it suits him.

You have been a teenager for one day and already got arrested! Just had to egg the neighbors house.

Look who else grew up! Hubba Hubba ;)

Jamie is already putting the moves on her. Puberty hits fast.

Looks like its working, Jessica seems very interested.

Jamie is a great big brother, he spends lots of time taking care of Adaline, even when Jessica is visiting.

This full moon has Jamie feeling extra romantic so he asks Jessica for a dance.

Oh Jamie's got some sweet moves...

um, nevermind.

It's time for Adaline's first birthday!

There she is, a toddler already! Looks like she got her mom's blonde hair.

dat face.