Sunday, February 10, 2013

1.2 - Looking up

After Vanessa's embarrassing night at the bar, she is happy to find the next morning is much brighter.

Pip calls Vanessa first thing in the morning and after a little chatting she invites him out to the summer festival.

They spend the day chatting and have one very long water balloon fight. By the end of the day Vanessa and Pip have become best friends. Vanessa still really likes Pip and she is pretty sure he likes her too but, she just can't bring herself to break up his marriage.

She decides that she is going to try the hotdog eating contest again and challenges Pip.

Vanessa doesn't win but she manages to beat Pip. And not throw up this time! But, it is late and she has had a wonderful day so, before anything goes wrong she calls it a night.

This little guy appeared at the house a couple days ago and after he appears in the living room and turns on the TV, Vanessa decides he is getting a little creepy and she needs to sell him. He brings in a pretty penny of almost a thousand simoleons.

It's time for Vanessa to upgrade to this century so, she buys a computer, which also means she needs to expand her house a bit.

After such a wonderful day out with Pip yesterday, Vanessa decides to use the day for herself. She does a little bit of reading in bed.

Then she decides to post a dating profile online and check out the options. Between David (the first man she met at the pool, who was married) and Pappy, the options were not looking so great.

Since her online options don't strike her interest she heads out to the gym. She runs into Pip, which would have been great, if he hadn't been accompanied by his wife. Vanessa isn't trying to start a relationship with Pip but, she can't help the way she feels so she just tries to keep her head down.

But, her nerves (and inexperience) have left her clumsy. With Pip's wife Dahlia watching her she doesn't get much of a workout in before she is ready to leave. She decides to head over to the local pool.

As soon as she gets there she notices someone in the computer room and goes in to greet him. They are instantly attracted to one another. She learns his name is Jules.

They talk for a while and learn that they are both Libras and that Jules is single. Vanessa is just hoping he doesn't have commitment issues... ugh.

After some well received flirting...

and one amazing massage...

Vanessa invites Jules back to her house for a little alone time.

It doesn't take long before Vanessa has worked up enough courage to make her move. She lunges forward to give Jules one very awkward kiss.

But, despite the awkwardness Jules really liked it and decides he wants some more. ;)

After their hot and steamy make out session, Vanessa wants to make it official. She just hopes he is ready to make a commitment too. She asks if he wants to go steady and he happily agrees.

Vanessa spends the next morning chatting with Jules online. And after a little while she invites him over to hang out.

They cuddle on the couch and watch a little TV....but, they mostly kept their eyes on each other.

Vanessa decides its time to make some dinner so Jules spends a little time playing video games. Well, until he manages to break the computer but, what did he expect from such an outdated computer.

After a delicious dinner of PB&J's Vanessa and Jules can't seem to get enough of each other. (I didn't know peanut butter was an aphrodisiac...) They make out in the kitchen...

then they slowly start to head towards the bed until...

it happens! They woohoo for the first time!

Afterwards, Jules is feeling pretty good about himself. Walking home would just not be good enough, not after a woohoo like that with the beautiful Vanessa. So, he struts home with his head held high.

Even through the rain.

The next day Vanessa works out all morning to get herself pumped up for that evening. She has big plans for the night and once she has cleaned up a bit, she is going to invite Jules over.

Vanessa spends hours with Jules just flirting, holding hands, and gazing into each others eyes. Then when she has worked up enough courage, she is ready to do what she has been planning all day. She starts off, "Jules, I know we haven't known each other very long but, we have this connection that I have never felt before.... "

"... Will you marry me?" Once Vanessa pulls out the ring Jules jumps for joy! "Of course!" He screams.

Vanessa couldn't be happier! She had been so nervous to ask but, it turned out great.

Vanessa and Jules spend the rest of the evening in bed *cough cough* cuddling and thinking about their upcoming wedding. Vanessa is happy that things are finally starting to go right for her.

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